Dare To Be Free

Strive For Excellence Without Limitations

Leadership – Relationship – Integrity – Compassion – Empowerment


We believe the independent Churches and ministries should govern their own affairs. When a 3rd party is needed, we are there to help resolve issues, and concerns.

TNOJCOCM is a Covenant Relationship committed to Excellence in Ministry, and understands the needs of the independent and home churches, and their leaders, with genuine care and concern for their well-being and passion of those who serve teaching, and preaching to win souls, provide outreach, mentoring others, and Discipleship traning, to fulfill the Great Commission as commanded by Jesus Christ, found in Mark 16:15-16.

We are leaders with many talents and backgrounds coming together for one common goal, doing Godly works that benefit the Kingdom of God and the people of God. Our Leaders grow together, pray together, worship together, learn from each other, and teach others to do same.

(TNOJCOCM) leaders, lead by the example of Christ, as leaders should. We are Servant Leaders here to Serve and not be Served. Further, we are not Traditionalists, Secessionist, nor a Papacy or Fallacy, nor are we bound in the Tradition Episcopacy, or Ecclesiastical Tradition of the Greek Bishopric.

We hold the true meaning of following Christ as it was done by the Apostles, and Disciple in accordance to Ephesians 4:11, 1 Corinthians 12:7-11, and Galatians 5:22-23, with Jesus as the Chief Cornerstone of this Covenant Body.

In all we do, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are always the driving force of this Covenant.

We humbly invite you to learn more about TNOJCOCM. We are a Covenant that shares Christ Centered beliefs, and values, Christ Centered, Sound, Biblical Doctrine and have a Christ Centered Mission and Relationship. Contact Us for more information.

Benefits Of Affiliation And Membership